• Overview

    Formål Property Group is focused on residential property development within the London market.  However, the opportunities presented through other use classes and the planning requirements for commercial elements on larger city centre schemes has led to increased exposure to office, retail and industrial property.

    The company has a mixture of internal funding and investor funding.  The latter is secured through joint ventures and silent partnerships.

    Every scheme that the company has been involved with since its inception has surpassed the targeted return.  This has been achieved through an uncompromising approach to design implementation that is kept within a budget context, ensuring that our properties have always achieved record prices within their respective markets.

    We are always looking to form new alliances with professional partners to expand our portfolio, be it agents, designers, consultants, or investors.


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  • Investors

    Formål takes great pride in its track record.  Since incorporating, the company has consistently outperformed targeted returns and achieved abnormal profits.

    Our aim is to provide investors with a transparent, robust, investment vehicle through which they can gain exposure to the London property development market and to generate strong, reliable returns relative to other development companies.

    As well as working with silent investors, we also work with joint venture partners.

    Please get in contact with us for more information on our current property development investment opportunities.

    London Property Investors & Investment | Formål Property Group

  • Landowners

    Formål is actively looking for sites in and around Greater London.  Sites will be purchased on a conditional or unconditional basis, with or without planning consent in place.

    We take a very uncomplicated approach with landowners and strive to be as straightforward as possible as we believe this is what fosters acquisitions.  The experienced professionals that we work with are able to quickly assess the potential of a site, which enables us to make full and prompt offers.

    Where landowners are looking to maximise their returns, we will work in partnership with them to take schemes through planning and construction.

    Please contact us if you have a site that might be of interest.

    London Landowners & Landlords | Formål Property Group

  • Professionals

    Our belief is that successful projects are built through strong relationships with experienced, proactive professionals that see the bigger picture but respect the detail.

    Whilst we enjoy working with the professionals that we have built working relationships with over the years, we equally enjoy the opportunity to work with new companies and people who bring fresh opportunities, ideas and perspective to our business.

    Formål relishes working with talented, driven individuals and welcomes the opportunity to foster interesting new relationships.

     London Property Development Professionals | Formål Property Group

  • Careers

    Formål is a young, ambitious company and we are looking to recruit talented people to work with us who share our drive and ambition.

    If you think that you can in some way improve our company then please send us your CV along with a covering letter.

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