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Cathcart Road Duplex

LocationChelsea SW10

At the time of purchase, the address of the duplex flat in this imposing Victorian corner property was the traffic congested Finborough Road. However, it was recognised very early on that the property did in fact belong to its more illustrious neighbouring street, Cathcart Road, and so the address of the property was successfully altered with the local authority.

The existing flamboyant decor of the property had grown tired, but some of the original features still glimmered through, particularly in the top rooms that occupied the expansive mansard roof of the property. Formål’s task was to unveil the former grandeur of this rough diamond and to bring it into the 21st Century.

The roof was over-hauled, valuable additional space was generated internally, the original features were reinstated, and the flat was comprehensively refurbished. A more traditional approach was taken towards the decoration, which included shaker kitchens, stair runners and a soft colour palette, to enhance the elegance of the building.

It was a very challenging time in the local market when the property was launched, yet despite this it sold for way in excess of anything that had previously sold on Finborough Road.